Five reasons why your new blog might fail - Lukas Niklasson
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Five reasons why your new blog might fail

Five reasons why your new blog might fail

Many bloggers start blogs very hopeful, but many of them don’t even stay longer than three months. For many of those who do, it takes them close to one year to start getting traffic of 1,000 per month. This is discouraging to any blogger. If you are one of them, have you ever sat down and asked yourself why this maybe so? If you have, what are you doing about it? In this article, I will explore the six most obvious reasons why many new blogs fail.

The blog is not making money
This is one of the top most reasons why many blogs fail. Many people have heard you can make millions from blogs. What do they do next? They rush to open blogs hoping to strike the jackpot within a week. What most of them fail to understand is it may take you up to six months to make your first dollar blogging? These are not just six months of doing nothing; rather they are six months of hard work to make your blog better. My advice is if you are looking to make money from your blog you must really commit to it. Patience is the key here. If you want to make a thousand dollars in one week, blogging is not the way to go.

Not promoting your blog
How else will your blog get noticed if you do not promote it? The best way in which your blog will get noticed is to promote it. You should identify the best way to promote your blog. In many cases using social media works well. I am sure, if you saw a friend of yours, on social media, promote their blog you would be curious to know what they write in it. Promoting your blog is the first, very important, way of attracting traffic to your blog.

Consistency is important to blogging. Even in business, consistency is key to keeping customers. Most bloggers start off with a lot of enthusiasm, but somewhere along the way the enthusiasm dies. Imagine you are a great fan of this blog that posts amazing content frequently, then all of a sudden they no longer post. Would you still continue checking it as often as you did? I bet not. This is what happens when you are not consistent in posting new stuff on your blog. The traffic you had started attracting reduces and finally you are left with no followers at all.

Poor writing skills
Starting a blog is very easy. Today, anyone who wants a blog can start one. Most people assume, just because they can construct sentences they can write ablog. Poor writing skills results in poor content. Who wants to spend their precious time reading content loaded with errors? However, if you are really interested in running a blog, but your writing skills are wanting, you can hire someone to write guest posts for your blog. In the meantime you can learn and improve yours and write your own content eventually.

Inadequate knowledge in your niche
Most people don’t bother to do research on the niche they are entering. For example, you happen to come across information telling you beauty products are selling like hotcakes online. What will most people do? They will run to their computers to start a blog. They won’t even do any research on the beauty product. Eventually, they realise they never made a plan and the blog is a total failure.

Running a successful blog is not such an easy thing, but it’s not impossible. Just avoid the obvious mistakes and be patient. Successful bloggers never give up.