The power of Webmaster tools - Lukas Niklasson
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The power of Webmaster tools

The power of Webmaster tools

Webmaster tools is a 100% free (!) product from Google. It helps you understand what is taking place on your website. This way, you do not just make decisions blindly.

By signing up to Webmaster tools you provide verification that you truly own the website. This helps to make sure no unauthorised activities happen on the website. It is only after verifying your website, can you begin to see the data on the dashboard.

The dashboard displays pretty much everything transpiring on your website.It will let you see the keywords you are using. The dashboard is where you see your website traffic,as well as, any errors that occur when people search for your site. You will also see the number of websites linking to you and the pages indexed by Google.In short, if you do not use Webmaster tools you will not be able to see the activity on your website.

Nothing is perfect. Webmaster tools helps you configure your website properly. Well configured websites stand a chance of ranking higher in Google ranking. It allows you to provide Google with a site map. This enables Google to determine the pages you have in your site for indexing. Once the pages are indexed your website will attract more traffic.

A good site map should be submitted in XML format and should only contain 50,000 URLs or less. Once you submit it,Google will let you know how many of those URLs will be indexed. Please know if your pages are not being indexed then the content in those pages is not original.

Using Webmaster tools enables you to protect the pages you do not want any search engine to index. Some of the pages in your website maybe private and you wouldn’t want them made public. You can simply create, what is known as, robot text files to block the search engines or use password protection. With Webmaster tools you can request Google not index the pages you might have mixed up by mistake.

Webmaster tools provides you the option to control the links that someone sees when they are on your website. However, this privilege is not a full one. You can only block the sites you do not want people to see. You do not have the power to select which sites you want people to see when they search your website. These links are called site links. You get these links with time; after your popularity grows. However, you can choose to delete these links, which are generated by Google.

Though changing your web address can be detrimental to your website, with Webmaster tools you can somehow counter this affect by letting Google know, firsthand, you are changing your address. The process is long and time consuming, however, if changing the website is a must it will be worth it. You first set the new website then create a 301 redirect from your old web address.

The Webmaster toolkit also enables you to see how Google, a search engine, sees your website. You can use this information to improve on the weak areas of your website for better ranking and more traffic.

The Webmaster tool is a package full of benefits for every website. All top ranking websites use the Webmaster tool and if you ever hope to get your website to their level, using the Webmaster tool is not an option. This article has only covered, but a few, basic benefits you stand to reap. There are more. Signup for Webmaster tools and find out for yourself.